Friday, August 4, 2017

July brought another month of challenge reveals. The summer heat seems to have affected everyone; there were not a lot of entries, but the ones that did show up were certainly hot! Judge for yourself.

Ornamental Obsession

"Vintage Poker Tablecloth"
29" x 29"
by Linda Lasich
This colorful quilt is cotton appliqué on a vintage black tablecloth.  It was enhanced with paint and embellished with hand embroidery, beads and crystals.

Note the intricate quilting on Lynda's piece which replicates the swirls on the deck of vintage cards used as inspiration.

"Paris a Pied"
21" x 37"
by Ann Sanderson
Ann spent a week in Paris, collecting Parisian fabric, brochures, maps, stamps and all types of memorabilia which she put together in a wonderfully complex memory collage of her time in the City of Light.

"Ornamental Sunrise"
17" x 23"
by Pat Gillings
Pat has been collecting sari ribbons for some time and decided to use them in this spectacular landscape.  The surface of the quilt was completed entirely by hand.  Materials included not only the sari ribbons but trim, beads, and a yellow druzy cabochon which make its appearance as the sun.

Rhythms of Life

"Pine Tree Silhouette"
25" x 23"
by Lynda Lasich
Lynda's second entry this month also features her beautiful quilting, this time to enhance her glowing, hand-painted landscape featuring silhouetted pine trees against a spectacular sunset.

29" x 27"
by Joan Dyer
Joan used all hand-dyed and discharged fabric in this innovative quilt.  She inserted curvy, skinny lines into the 20 blocks, creating a feeling of rhythmic waves.

"Sailing Under the Golden Gate Bridge"
55" x 34"
by Maria Billings
Maria created this stunning three dimensional depiction of a sailboat and the Golden Gate bridge from painted whole cloth appliquéd and embellished with various yarns of cotton, silk and lurex.  She writes "Our human life has its rhythm with calmer and more active periods - so does water."  For more information, check out


"Martian Storm"
26" x 32"
by Pat Gillings
Pat also had two entries this month.  Her inspiration for this vibrant quilt reaches back to her childhood when one of her favorite books was The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury.  Pat writes, "Lately, there has been much discussion about Mars having life some time long ago before their atmosphere was blown away by solar storms. That made me think of doing a piece depicting these Martian storms."

"Fallen Giant"
35" x 35"
by Darlynn Evans
Darlynn writes, "Fifteen years ago, I was walking through the redwoods and saw a 'giant' that had fallen.  I was struck by its beauty and wanted to one day recreate it in a quilt."  She used hand-dyed cheese cloth and fabric using a tiled background to create this eye-catching quilt.

A Long, Long Time Ago

"Grass Valley Royce Library"
by Jeanie Ferguson
Jeanie is known for her meticulous hand-work and she did not disappoint in spite of having to contend with two broken arms!  This quilt is entirely hand-worked, from the needle-turned 
appliqué to the close hand-quilting.  Another masterpiece from our own Miss Jeanie!

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