Sunday, April 15, 2018

March brought a special visitor -- internationally recognized and yet our own local quilter, Velda Newman, shared her quilts and techniques with Mountain Art Quilters. Thank you, Velda, for a stunning presentation. Feel free to come again any time. And thank you, Julia Broughman, for your excellent photography.

Show and Tell

Ardy Tobin shared two dog portrait quilts she created for her son.  Such a playful pup!

And a moose by Patti Blesso.  Seems to have been an animal kind of day.

New Member Showcase

Robi Holmen shared a quilt made from a kit but with her own enhancements . . . 

. . . and a vest she created.

Robi will be teaching a class in this technique -- Fractured Florals -- which is constructed from about three panels.

Featured Guest

Featured guest, Velda Newman, gave a wonderful presentation featuring her beautiful quilts.  Thank you, Velda!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

February brought unexpected snow after a warm and sunny January, but somehow, we managed to squeeze a MAQ meeting in between snow storms. And what a great meeting! We had Show and Tell from new and old members alike, and a great presentation by Kathy Madison.

Show and Tell

Michelle Peerson shared with us the quilt she made in response to Jane Haworth's photo challenge.  Four of our members ended up using this photo as inspiration for their 24"x24" quilts.  Michelle decided that this quilt called for piecing curves, something she had never done before, and she was surprised to find it not as challenging as she expected.

Jan Reed shared this quilt-in-progress, "Spread Your Wings."  Jan created the background by using Photoshop Elements to create a gradient, which she then had printed on fabric at Grass Valley Blueprints.  While working with black ink on the appliquéd butterfly wings, she accidentally got a small blotch on the background.  Rather than despair, Jan decided to use this mistake as a design opportunity.  She now plans to add a curvy, black border and a mock mola technique to both enhance the design and disguise the blotch.

Bonnie Lattin-Hensely, Jane Haworth, and Karle deProsse (seen here with Trish Morris Plisse) showed off their completed journal covers.  This is a group-wide project that will be explored in more depth come June.

Lynda Lasich brought in this crazy quilt carpet bag that the Artitude mini-group will be using as a basket for its contribution to the Pine Tree Guild.   Lynda and friends used Roxanne Langan's 1920's Carpet Bag Pattern.

Trish used the same pattern but made her bag in denims.  Nice!

New Member

New member, Bonnie Lattin-Hensely shared several of her quilts including this colorful rooster.  She bought an outline pattern online and then interpreted it with her own fabric choices in a raw edge appliqué.

Bonnie used the grid method to create this portrait of Meeko.  She decided to use purple for the shadows.
This is a pillow Bonnie made for her sister.  It features beading to enhance the design.

Program: Art Quilt Design and Techniques

Kathy Madison shared the techniques and methods she uses when designing and creating her quilts.  Kathy credits Annemieke Mein with being one of her inspirations.
"Cayman Memories" is one of Kathy's earlier quilts.  She notes that she was not satisfied with this quilt and realized she needed to learn more about quilt design.  She feels that the quilt lacks a focal point and fails to tell a story.  She also feels that she overdid the embellishments.
Kathy used her own underwater photos when she created "Cayman Memories.”
"Arctic Tears" is a quilt from our April 2017 reveal.  This quilt clearly tells the story of melting ice in the Arctic and creates tension between the melting ice, the vivid sun, and the whales in a changing climate.   

Considerations in designing "Arctic Tears" were a establishing a focal point, a vanishing point, a color palette, and a light source.

Kathy's most recent quilt, "The Best Friends," is based on a photograph by German wildlife photographer, Tanja Brandt, depicting the unusual friendship of a German shepherd, Ingo, and a little owl, Poldi.  Kathy obtained permission to use the photograph and then worked her magic.  Kathy used a whole array of techniques in bringing this quilt to life, including a columbine flower she learned how to make from a Youtube video. 

Kathy recommends exploring as many avenues as possible to learn new techniques and methods.  Among her favorites are Sharon Schamber's video on "Binding the Angel," part 1 and part 2,  and The Art of Manipulating Fabric by Colette Wolf.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

January of a new year and we are off to a great start! Our first meeting of 2018 featured a lively Show and Tell, and a presentation on color theory.

Show and Tell

Pat Nelson shared a work-in-progress.  She was asking for feedback on different quilting possibilities.
"Garden Pat," also by Pat Nelson, features dense quilting.  She's considering if she ought to do something similar with her new quilt.
Pat Gillings used a technique of painting and discharge on white cotton velveteen taught by Angie Hughes.  Angie has a tutorial describing this technique on Etsy.  Pat also used embroidery techniques by Chris Richards for the dragonflies, and added foil applied over sequin waste (punchanella) for a little bling.
This yet unnamed quilt by Joan Dyer is the fourth quilt using her own method of stitchery.  Joan created the quilt in separate panels which were later sewn together.

Maria Billings shared her "Walt Whitman" and "Leaves of Grass" quilts.  She also shared the idea of wind chime quilts, something that could be done as a group effort.  You can see what she's talking about in a photo on her blog.
Kate Grant's mosaic horse was the first mosaic quilt of her series.  She used Wonder Under to attach the 'tiles,' covered it with a layer of tulle, and quilted using a mosaic pattern.
Ginny Lee shared a collection of fabrics that she dyed during a Frieda Anderson class at PIQF.
Kari Hannickel brought in some of the felting work she has done, as well as the 12 needle, free motion felting machine she used.
Kari not only let people play with her felting machine, she also shared her Sassy Girl Sashiko machine by Babylock.   Thanks, Kari, for sharing your fun toys!

New Member

Our new member, Karla de Prosse, brought in one of her art quilts to share.  Other art quilts, having already been sold, were represented by photographs.

Presentation on Color and the Color Wheel

Michelle Peerson finished up a busy day with a presentation on color and the color wheel.  Thank you, Michelle!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Mountain Art Quilters celebrated the season with a potluck luncheon. The room was decorated with quilts on the walls, both Christmas and Show and Tell, and with poinsettias and handmade favors on the tables. A big thank you goes out to all the wonderful ladies who made this day happen, and may your holidays be merry and bright!

Show and Tell*

"Tropical Days"
Carolyn Woods
Carolyn made this quilt several years ago but never felt like it was finished, so she hung it in the master bathroom and studied it while she soaked in the tub.  Once inspiration hit, she fused some cotton fabric in different colors, cut shapes out of the fabric and placed them around the quilt in various ways until something clicked.  Carolyn is now quite satisfied with the quilt and feels like it is finally finished.
Pat Gillings
Pat started with a batik background layered with sari ribbons dyed with natural dyes to create the tree.  Some of the beaded leaves were made with white silk ribbon that was colored with fabric markers after the leaves were stitched and some were made with beading alone.  Pat learned these techniques watching videos on YouTube.  The lacy leaves at the bottom were free motion embroidery on Solvy.

"Fleeting Memories"
Joan Dyer
This is Joan's third quilt in this series working with string figures.  A lot of the fabrics she used were from a bag of scraps she purchased -- silks, batiks and more -- leftovers from the garment industry.

Jane Haworth shared one of the custom quilts she makes for her Etsy Store.

Pat Gillings shared some of the baskets she makes.  The pretty medallion at the center of the basket was purchased on Etsy.

Along with Pat's baskets, Patty Blesso shared some of her cute crafty items.

Christmas Quilts

Patty also brought several Christmas quilts to grace the room.  This one features Father Christmas in a blue and white panel.

Christmas in a blue and white panel.
Patty's second quilt included working lights!

And her third quilt was a cheerful Laurel Burch concoction.
Lynn Tubbe brought her large Christmas quilt.  She was in a group in which each member used this quilt pattern, incorporating their personal touches.  Lynn enjoyed trading fabrics and trims with the other members of the group.  The quilting motif in the border is a Kathy Sandbach design.

And just a Christmas thing -- by Joan Dyer

And then there was the food . . . bon appetit!

*Apologies to Sigrid and Jackie whose quilts did not get photographed for the blog.  I hope to rectify those omissions at a future date.