Wednesday, June 1, 2022

 Some of our members shared their expertise with us this month.

Ginny Lee talked to us about 'mark making' on fabric.

Marie Brower talked to us about her experiences with rust dying.

Robi Holmen shared her favorite facings for art quilts.

Show and Tell

Mourning Quilt 46" x 66"
Joan Dyer

This quilt was inspired by her husband's end of life stress.  She used hand dyed, discharged cotton, batiks and commercial fabrics.  It went together much better when she found the perfect focus fabric. It's constructed of multiple strips of various widths, each quilted differently.

Tracy Visher

This quilt got the juices flowing again for Tracy.

Curious 20" x 20"
Lynda Lasich

This was made for the Cherry Wood Grafitti Challenge.

Geisha Garden
Stephanie Bennett-Strauss