Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On October 26th. 2011, MAQ had their 3rd. and final challenge of the year. The challenges were 12 x12, Cultural Exchange and Fractured Quilts. At the end of viewing all of the beautiful art quilts and fiber art, members voted for their favorite piece(s). Congratulations to Jan Reed and Karla Rogers !!

"Ancient Echoes" Jan Reed won for
My favorite interpretation of the Theme and Best Original Design.
"No Worries" Karla Rogers won 
Outstanding Use of Color

12 X 12 Challenges

"Breezy"--Pat Porter

"Where Witches Wonder"--Joan Dyer

"Wispy Grasses"--Ann Sanderson

"Twelve/1 Leaf (E)scape"--Dee Jones

"Quaking Aspens"--Norma Keeley

"Blue Plate Special/Radish Salad"--Pat Nelson

"Little Yay (!)"--Kate Grant

"Night Owls"--Vicky Isadore
"Deco Dreams"--Janene Powell

12 X 12 Challenge

"Brothers"--Ardy Tobin

"Feather on a Pineapple"--Ingrid Cattaneo

"Cathy's Flowers"-- Pam Berry

"Truly Twelve Squared"--Gail Sims

"Ghost Grass at Albert Lake"--Sandy Poteet

Crystal Beach"--Sandy Poteet

Here are interpertatons of Cultural Exchange from our members.

"From Many Nations"--Joy Waggener

"Who Needs Feet When I have Wings to Fly"--Francesca Erickson

"Mask Family"--Lin Schiffner

"Quest for Gold"--Edith Gregersen

"African Influence"--Joan Dyer

Cultural Exchange

"1936 International Truck"--Jeanie Ferguson

"Empire Mine Mining Carts"--Jeanie Ferguson

"Empire Mine Bourne Cottage"--Jeanie Ferguson

"Patera's Petroglyphs"-- Lynda Lasich
"Ancient Echoes"--Jan Reed

The Power of the Sunflower! Originated from a photograph taken by Jo Hathcock. The photograph was then divided into five pieces. Each person constructed five separate pieces. Then those five pieces were shared by the five artist and they put everything together as they saw fit.

"Yellow Dazzle"--Jo Hathcock

"Sunflowers"--Marylee Drake

"The Promise"--Pam Berry

"Sunflowers"--Gail Sims

"MAQ 5"--Vicky Augenstein

Fractured Quilt

"No Worries"--Karla Rogers

"Completely Out of Shape"--Millie Ruffalo

"Visualize"-- Ruth Robinson

"Dessert for Five"-- Carolyn Woods