Monday, February 27, 2023

 For our February meeting, we had a fabulous trunk show from one of our talented and prolific members, Stephanie Bennett-Strauss.  Enjoy photos of her quilts!

Monday, February 6, 2023

 We started 2023 strong with our first meeting!  We introduced 'getting to know you' as a way to learn more about our fellow members.  We also drew names for a new name tag exchange.

Our own Michelle Peerson led a thoughtful discussion on Creativity.

Several members had show & tell quilts:

'Against the Flames' by Robin Hart
26" x 39"

This was created for the July 2022 reveal.  Since it was accepted to the Houston show, we are just now able to share it.

This is a tribute to the wildland firefighters.  Robin was so alarmed by the number and severity of the wildland forest fires in 2021, and the ever pervasive smoke in Nevada County throughout the Summer that she thought about all of the firefighters that put themselves on the line to save lives, property and forest.  She created this quilt to honor the bravery of those firefighters fighting a forest inferno.  Robin created this using the digital surface design by painting in Adobe Photoshop and then she output it on whole cloth and thread painted to enhance the billowing smoke and fire.  

by Sophia Day

by Stephanie Bennett Strauss

by Tracy Visher