Monday, September 4, 2017

August is not business-as-usual at Mountain Art Quilters. Instead of a program, we share our fabulous cooking (or last minute to-go shopping as the case may be) at a potluck lunch. Show and Tell is wide open in August -- we share all those projects that may or may not be quilting related. Enjoy!

Show and Tell

"Twists and Turns"
10" x13"
by Joan Dyer
Joan created this interesting piece by sewing with perle cotton on a discharged fabric.

by Jan Reed
This quilt was a sample of ink on fabric.  Jan finished it out and will donate it to the silent auction at Houston.

Pine Needle Baskets
by Mary Serpa
Mary learned to make pine needle baskets in a class by Kate Grant.  She used a button in the center of one basket and synthetic sinew to bind the pine needles together.

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