Thursday, August 26, 2021

 We were able to meet in person again for our August meeting, with masks on and practicing social distancing. 

Members brought their quilts from last year's first two reveals so we could see the quilts in person.  If you would like to see them again, look at the April 2020 and July 2020 posts.

We also had a few new quilts to share:

This was from July's reveal Challenge, "A La My Favorite Artist"

Girl With Pearl Earring in Blue by Mary Sharosch

One of Mary's favorite artists is Vermeer and she loves his painting "Girl With Pearl Earring".  She viewed the painting in San Francisco and was amazed by how much her granddaughter, who is of Dutch heritage, resembled the girl.  She dressed her granddaughter similar to the girl in the painting but the twist, was one color, Delft Blue with white  Vermeer painted this portrait in the City of Delft, Holland.  Mary used indigo hand dyed linen in the Shibori Technique, blue pencil with blue and yellow color scheme are the colors associated with Holland.  She use her own photo of her granddaughter and colored it in Photoshop, printed it at home on cotton.  It's hand and machine stitched.  The indigo stripes were a challenge to use as they were all dyed in one direction but not enough length to surround the portrait.  It was a fun project and she enjoyed using her granddaughter as the model and it was a nod to her heritage.

This was a quilt from the July 2020 reveal, "Let There be Light"

The Bubble Nebula by Robin Hart
39" x 40"

This is the 7th in Robin's deep space series of art quilts inspired by Hubble Images.  She chose the Bubble Nebula because it is a bubble of light against the darkness of space.  this truly was her pandemic art quilt.  Although Robin first chose this subject for it's unique imagery, over the last fifteen months this has become so much more  Originally this quilt was for the July 2020 challenge.  With all the trials and tribulations of Covid, she could see she wasn't going to make the deadline.  Robin finished the Photoshop painting in October 2020.  Then with all the other political turmoil on top of Covid, and a move in April, Robin realized this wasn't going to get finished very fast, so, she finally found the time and energy in May and June to finish the thread painting.  Robin now sees this as a victory of light over darkness, especially with the pandemic.  The quilt was painted in Photoshop with the stars designed in Illustrator and merged with the painting.  It is a whole cloth design, output on a large format printer on cotton cloth and then heavily thread painted and free motion quilted with colors complementing the subject for texture and design, which accentuates the patterns in the nebula.  Robin is continuing to explore deep space subjects for her MAQ challenges and is continuing on a new trajectory with this are quilt by combining her painting skills in Photoshop to create subject matter and then outputting the painting on fabric on a large format printer.

This was Show & Tell

On the Stoop by Carole Rossi
24" x 31"

Carole had been thinking about the images that make up this quilt for quite some time.  She spent a bit of angst over this past pandemic year fussing (somewhat unsuccessfully) over pots of plants on her front porch, which is what inspired her to go in this direction, with rather unique leaf arrangements rather than botanical prints.  She was also taking a class about leaves during this same period.  The leaves on the plants are "artistic suggestions" rather than realistic depictions.  Carole likes to create images that are a bit fanciful!  She painted the fabric "paneling" for the siding on the building and the bricks, using acrylic paints.  The pink petals are from fabric which she dyed.  The pots are created using wool fabric hand-dyed by her friend and colleague, Linda Waddle.  Carole wanted the pots to have a textured feel- to stand out (somewhat) from the rest of the piece.  She couched pieces of yarn to create additional movement on the purple pot.  She also used yarns for some of the plant 'stems'.  Carole fused leaves and stems and used a blanket stitch to create a 'homemade, sitting on the stoop' feel!  Carole used a combination of her various photographs as well as one of her watercolor creations.  The materials are commercial cottons, hand-dyed cottons, batiks, yarns, painted fabric (using acrylic paints), hand=dyed wool.  The batting is quilters 100% dream cotton.  It is free form quilted, using mostly Mettler Poly Sheen threads.  It was a challenge to create this composition.  Carole wanted it balanced.  She wanted the eye to flow from "pot to pot".  She worked on the composition for quite some time.