Thursday, September 29, 2011

MAQ September 28, 2011 Meeting

Sandra Bruce with her Featured Quilt for the Open Studios Art Tour and Sale
Tour Dates Oct. 8 & 9 and Oct. 15 & 16

Vicky Isadore: work in progress from a class she took from Linda Waddle at The Tin Thimble in Loomis.
Cathy Stone's "Touchdown" from a jamboree class.

More show and tell

Ingrid Cattaneo's Delightful Fall

Ingrid Cattaneo's "Art Deco Bouquet"

Cathy Stone's "Nautilus" from Barbara Shapel's class

Cathy Stone's "Purple Feathers" being donated to PTQG nursing homes for Christmas.

Printing with a brayer, bleach discharge and photography techniques are used here.

Dee Jones: Printing with a brayer. Top: Air brush ink used.  Bottom: Seta colors were used.

Ruth Robinson: Bleach discharge technique from Sandy Poteet's class.  

Edith Gregerson: "Quest for Gold" 

Cathy Stone's "Liberace"

Great show and tell

Claudia Martinez Sinsel: "The Circle Quilt" from a workshop, 
 book used Circle A-round.

Claudia Martinez Sinsel: "The Gecko", from a collage workshop

Janene Powell: used a stamping technique. 

Gail Simms: Bridgeport bridge. Fabric collage technique. 

Lin Schiffner: "Living the Seasons"