Friday, August 4, 2017

June's meeting featured a variety of show and tell quilts and projects featuring our many talented quilt artists. Many thanks to Ginny Lee for the photographs!

Karla Rogers created this colorful piece entitled "What MAQ Means to Me," sharing that for her, "MAQ provides a monthly boost of color, creativity, encouragement, education and inspiration."

Ginny Lee created this interesting study of discharge techniques.

More of Ginny's discharge fabrics.

Kat Madison reviewed her one block wonder.

Lynn Tubbe displayed her colorful "Toucan Tour Costa Rica" quilt.  Lynn writes that, "My brother and sister-in-law toured Costa Rica for 3 weeks and never saw a toucan.  Now they can have one hanging in their home!"

"Unbearably Happy," is also by the talented Lynn Tubbe.  She shares that this was her niece's wedding quilt based on a photo of two bears in a lake.

Maria Billings created a portable painted fabric study which she shared with the group.

Also from Maria:

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