Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Our September meeting featured member Linda Waddle sharing her quilts and her experience working in a series. She was joined by a number of quilters who participated in Show and Tell, including three! new members. We are fortunate as a group to have so much contributing talent!

Show and Tell

Ann Sanderson shared with us some new experiments with surface design. This piece of fabric has been discharged, layered with screening, stamping, and other surface design techniques.

Ann's second piece of fabric was done in a Jane Dunnewold class using resists and gold leaf.

Ann's final piece features dots made with Shiva sticks.

Darlynn Evans brought back the quilt she entered in the July challenge.  After reading the critiques by other members, she decided to make a few changes.  She added a bed of flowers both to ground the trees roots and to add color, and the blue butterflies for even more color and interest.  She expressed that she really valued the feedback she received and is happy with the new and improved version of her quilt.

Patty Blesso shared this lovely quilt made using a panel and several complimentary blocks.

Also by Patty, this cute "Witch is In" quilt made from a pattern.

This quilt by Mary Scharosch was inspired by an image she found in a book of flowers from the Victoria and Albert museum.  Mary drew the flower, colored it with paint and pencil, then added it to a colorful background.

This "Llovely Llama Llady" is a quilt in progress by Julie Berry and is based on a technique she learned in the Pet Portraits class taught by Jane Haworth.

Trish Morris-Plise created this black and white quilt to decorate for the new year.  "Happy New Year" in four different languages is stitched around the border, as are bursts of fireworks.  Trish used a product called bone ash to adhere the layers before quilting and she was quite pleased with the results.

New Members

This orange and black quilt by new member Sigrid Simonds was done entirely with discharged fabrics.  She claims that the quilt was 'quick and fast,' and assures us that even the orange and blue colors in the quilt were once black.

This mountain scene quilt by Jackie Manley was made with two different wrapping fabrics from Japan.  Jackie further enhanced the fabrics with shibori dyeing and sashiko stitching done on a machine.

Our third new member, Sophia Day, brought in three quilts to share.  This confetti quilt of a Costa Rican waterfall was done in a class with Nancy Ryan.

Also by Sophia Day, this quilt was inspired by her cat silhouetted in the window with a gorgeous sunset in the background.

Sophia's third quilt depicts her son water skiing with a tiled sky using Gloria Loughman's technique as the backdrop.

Opportunity Quilt

Jane Haworth brought in this beautiful opportunity quilt which she had a hand in creating.  She is selling raffle tickets for a chance to win this colorful quilt.  If you're interested, please let her know.

Linda Waddle's Quilt Series

 The first of Linda Waddle's portals quilt series is "Cabin Fever,' which was created using dye, resists,  Mistyfuse and metal leaf, with invisible thread recreating the look of raindrops.

Linda's second quilt in her series is "The Light at the End of the Tunnel," which was screen printed and hand-painted.

"The Grotto" by Linda was done with flour paste resist, black and yellow dyes, and gold leaf.

"Well Defended," the fourth quilt in the series, is a flour paste resist that 'turned thorny.'  The heart was a bit of serendipity that she enhanced.

Monday, September 4, 2017

August is not business-as-usual at Mountain Art Quilters. Instead of a program, we share our fabulous cooking (or last minute to-go shopping as the case may be) at a potluck lunch. Show and Tell is wide open in August -- we share all those projects that may or may not be quilting related. Enjoy!

Show and Tell

"Twists and Turns"
10" x13"
by Joan Dyer
Joan created this interesting piece by sewing with perle cotton on a discharged fabric.

by Jan Reed
This quilt was a sample of ink on fabric.  Jan finished it out and will donate it to the silent auction at Houston.

Pine Needle Baskets
by Mary Serpa
Mary learned to make pine needle baskets in a class by Kate Grant.  She used a button in the center of one basket and synthetic sinew to bind the pine needles together.