Monday, November 3, 2014

This was Mountain Art Quilters last reveal for 2014. The challenges were: "Texting" (use letters, words, or numbers in your design), "Express Yourself" (feelings/emotion--abstract or realistic), and "Three Shapes."

 Three Shapes

Ann Sanderson
"Getting in Shape"
20" x 23"

Lorna Tillar
"Circles, Square, Triangle"
25" x 22"

Pat Nelson
"Walk in the Wood"
19" x 31"

 Express Yourself

Ginny Lee
"Bright Ideas"
30" x 40"
Best Interpretation of Theme

Pat Gillings
Nostalgia aka "We will always have Paris"

Maureen Garrison
"Fear Revealed"
42" x 42"

Karla Rogers
SHAKESPEARE'S FROGGIE LAMENT: "To croak or not to croak, THAT is the question!"
29.5" x 28"
"A vortex of disturbed emotions is often dissipated by a sense of humor, and a hearty laugh." J. Donald Walter
Best use of Color

Margaret Vodicka
"Art wear"

Jeanne Ferguson
"O Holy Night"

Jeanne Ferguson

Joan Dyer
"Which Way"
44" x 66"
Best Design
Lin Schiffner
"Hope is on the Horizon"
Viewers' Choice


Trish Morris-Plise
42" x 44.5"

Edith Gregerson
"Great Art Speaks"
33" x 39"

Carol Walsh
"Some of my Favorite Four Letter Words"
54" x 40"

Linda Taylor

Donna White
"Check it Out"
27" x 33.25"

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