Monday, September 29, 2014

September 2014 Show and Tell

Trish Morris-Plise
"Aquaria Fairy Princess Fish"
A whimsical fish!  She was sitting next to me hung on my reading light and a light bulb went off!  Fun character to reproduce.  I wanted to see what would happen with adding texture to material matrix.  I like!

Cathy Stone
I started this in a Jamboree class years ago with Judy Cisneros. 

Ingrid Cattaneo
28 3/4" x 29"
When I think of fire, several things come to mind -- destruction (sadly), heat, passion, excitement and warm colors.  This piece reflects my passion for warm, intense vibrant colors. "Fire" was a challenge as it represents my first abstract piece (Rosalie Dace class).  I look forward to working in abstract as I thoroughly enjoyed the process. 

Lorna Tillar
24" x 36"
Inspiration for this piece came from taking Carol Taylor's class.  The class was a technique using stabilizer, different threads and satin stitching. 

Jan Reed
"The Rest Stop"
24" x 30"
I wanted to experiment with what would happen if the entire background was out of focus and paler than things in the foreground.  I forgot I needed something mid-ground, so I added the barn.  All of the background is created with Tsukineko inks and is imaginary. 

Lynn Tubbe
"Low Tide--Worthing, England
30" x 30"

While staying with my English art quilt friend this summer, I tried my hand at making silk paper, which forms the base of this wall hanging.

Worthing is on the southern coast of England, which was enjoying its hottest and sunniest summer since 1976 while I was visiting.  Carol and I made an arrangement of various seaweeds while cooling off at the beach.  I came home and made this Memory Quilt.  

Other than the silk paper and ribbons from England, and the linen background fabric from Ben Franklin, the rest of this wall hanging uses items in my studio.  That includes some of my mom's yarns. 

I gathered the ribbons to simulate the ruffled look of the English seaweed.  Fusing/gluing held things in place, and then I stitched with mono-filament and 100 wt. threads. 

European quilters often mix free motion stitching and hand stitching for their quilting, so I gave it a try with two shades of perle cotton.

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