Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our fearless leader is back! Welcome home, Ardy!

Ardy opening the July meeting with a summary of her absence.

Surprise . . . Ardy’s reaction to seeing her get-well heart quilt.

Oh my, is that for me?

Sandy Poteet and Sandra Bruce display the heart quilt made for Ardy by some of the MAQ members.

Sandra Bruce showing the back of the quilt.  Notice the Bandaid on the heart.

I was surprised, speechless (also dumfounded, flabbergasted and a few
more adjectives) to receive my beautiful heart quilt at the end of the
MAQ meeting  - with my mouth open - - I can't imagine how you all
got the blocks made, got it quilted and bound in just the month since my
surgery! It truly is the most wonderful gift and I thank you all!  I
have now spent a good deal of time looking at each of the blocks - -
your artistry is amazing and I can feel the love you put in every stitch!

Special thanks to Sandy Poteet who collected the blocks and assembled
the quilt top with design assistance from Lin Schiffner and Gail Sims;
to Sandra Bruce who quilted it so expertly with hearts and words, and to
Darlynn Evans who added the binding - - all in record time!
Extra thanks to Joan Dyer who organized the "feed the Tobins campaign"!
Every evening for two whole weeks, a delicious and healthy dinner
arrived on our doorstep.  That was so much appreciated as I was really
not up to cooking (my husband is a good handyman, but not a cook)!

MAQ has been a great source of joy to me over the past 11+ years! I
promise to go to cardiac rehab, get better and continue to see that our
MAQ continues to provide us with the friendships, inspiration and
validation we all seek.

love you all and thank you!

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