Monday, October 14, 2019

Our September meeting featured our own Ginny Lee giving us a demonstration of a variety of methods for deconstructed printing. And, as usual, we had a wonderful variety of offerings for our monthly show and tell.

Ginny Lee's Demonstration of Deconstructed Printing

Ginny Lee and Marylee Drake discuss the deconstructed printing process and the effects it creates.
Ginny shared several techniques for deconstructed printing.
These techniques result in a wide variety of effects.

Show and Tell

Jackie Manley used fabrics by Ann Johnston and her own hand-dyes on a black background to create this quilt entitled "The Eye."  The random piecing echoes the power of a hurricane, and Jackie finished it just as a hurricane passed by.

Kat Madison brought in her quilt, "Spirits of a Vanishing World," (36"x53 1/2").  When Kat designed this quilt, only one animal was vanishing from the arctic habitat, the polar bear.  Now the snowy owl is also disappearing.  According to Kat, climate change is real and we are affecting it.  This quilt is a plea to please do everything you can to reduce our greenhouse gases -- recycle, reuse, eat meat one fewer day a week.  To that end, everything on this quilt that is white -- the snow, the animals, the binding -- is either sewn directly on, or faced with, recycled bed sheets.  Kat also used hand embroidery thread, organza, taffeta, beads, yarn, metallic threads, monofilament, Tsukineko inks, Inktense watercolor pencils and blocks.  The ocean took a lot of math to figure out the wave lengths, and the polar bear is located at the vanishing point.  The quilt background was finished as a stand alone quilt, then everything else was added on top.  The animals are all hand-embroidered.
When she was a child, Kat lived in Alaska and started school in Kodiak.  That incredible place left an indelible mark on her, so this quilt was a labor of love.

wolf detail

Traditional Hawaiian quilts were the inspiration behind the blocks in Stephanie Bennett Straus's "October Wind" quilt.  She included a Halloween song in the border.

Lynne Tubbe's pink and red fabrics were dyed at a workshop at Ginny Lee's.  Some of the fabrics are luxurious silk velvets.

Karla Rogers brought in a denim shirt she tie-dyed.

Karla also shared some of her hand-dyed fabrics.  She used Shibori techniques to dye three dish towels and some cotton fabrics.

Sue Marshall took a pre-printed panel and is in the process of quilting it with decorative quilting.

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