Thursday, June 8, 2017

Our first reveal of the year was held in April. The challenges were Falling Water, A Long, Long Time Ago, and Dreamscape. As always, our talented members rose to the challenge in unique and beautiful ways. Enjoy!

Falling Water
 Twin Falls 38"x 51"
by Lynn Tubbe
 The End of the Drought 15 1/2"x 23"
by Jan Reed

Arctic Tears 17"x 31"
by Kathryn Madison

The Gate 24 1/2"x 34 1/2"
by Trish Morris-Plise

Mighty Yosemite Falls
16" x 36 1/2"
by Patty Blesso

A Long, Long Time Ago
In the Beginning
30" x 40"
by Norma Keeley

Passing of Time
25 1/4" x 15 3/4"
by Julie Berry

Monkey Head Nebula
29" x 29"
by Robin Hart

by Sharon Rizzato

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