Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MAQ's March meeting featured Christine Barnes as our special speaker. An expert in color theory, Christine's presentation covered the importance of "value" which refers to the lightness or darkness of a color. MAQ members brought some of their lovely work as examples that illustrate the importance of value.

Our very own Christine Barnes (l) from Grass Valley, CA
and Heidi Emmett (r) from Cedar Ridge, CA

Christine Barnes

"Elegant Circles"
Christine Barnes

"Lustrous Squares II"
Christine Barnes

Screen prints
Joan Dyer

"Orange Burst" (top left) Joan Dyer
"Crossroads" (upper right) Joan Dyer
"Deco City" (black background bottom left) by Ardy Tobin
"Sailing Away" (lower right) Joan Dyer

"Beau Pre"
Ann Sanderson

"Circles and Squares"
Ardy Tobin

(soy wax technique)
Carol Walsh

Top: "Fantasy Foliage"
Bottom: Chrysanthemums"
Linda Waddle

"Catch of the Day"
Velda Newman

"A Destination Wedding"
Lynn Tubbe

"Mr. Cardinal"
Sandra Bruce

Fabrics dyed in snow
Joan Dyer

Pat Nelson

"Tiled Ferns"
Carol Walsh

A SAQA whisper challenge by Pat Porter

"Boab Trees"
Cathy Stone

"Monterey Cypress"
Cathy Stone

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