Monday, May 7, 2012

On May 5th. and 6th., 2012 Mountain Art Quilters were honored to show our work in a special exhibit at the Pine Tree Quilt Guild's annual quilt show at the Nevada County Fairgrounds. A total of 44 of our pieces filled the walls of Ponderosa Hall where hundreds of show visitors came to eat, talk and appreciate our work. Thanks to all MAQ members who showed their art quilts, those who helped hang and take down our show and those who worked a two hour shift explaining to visitors what Mountain Art Quilters are about and what we do. A lot of visitors stopped in their tracks in awe as they entered the room! And many visitors were seen with their noses right up to a quilt saying "how did she do that?" Can not get greater compliments than that! Sierra Wearable Art Group (SWAG) also had a wonderful display.

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