Thursday, February 10, 2022

Our January meeting was via Zoom.  We had a fabulous lecture by Irene Roderick on her Improv techniques and methods.  You can visit her website for more information:

We had Show & Tell from Stephanie Bennett-Strauss

Pyramids Built by Slaves

Egyptian Royal Excesses

Both quilts were made in 1993 or ‘94 from a package of fabrics brought back from Africa as a gift. The inspiration was a King Tut Exhibit. Stephanie adapted a pyramid block from the book East Quilts West, by one of her all-time favorite quilt artists Kumiko Sudo. She used both African fabrics and regular domestic fabrics for each of these quilts. She hoped to embody a lesson learned from Roberta Horton – The Fabric Makes the Quilt; or  for her,  the fabric ‘Speaks’ to the ideas offered through the quilt. 

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