Thursday, September 24, 2020

We had a great Zoom meeting yesterday.  

Some of our members shared some of the quilts they have been working on:

Kathryn Madison
Tribute to a Beloved Daughter
15" x 31"

2500 years ago in the Attica cemetery in Athens, a grieving family laid a beloved daughter to rest. In the Old World childhood mortality was quite high and that section of the cemetery was crowded with the graves of children. We don’t know their names, but her family had means enough to commission this stele for her, but could not keep her alive. When I saw this carving it reminded me that even in this time of technological advancement, disease is still no respecter of persons. While some of us are more vulnerable to Covid, it has killed all races, ages, rich and poor.

Using the museum photo, I enlarged it to its actual size and transferred it to cotton sateen, then painted her in several layers to achieve a three-dimensional look. After painting, I trapunto quilted the girl and her birds, then added a second batting and back, and micro-quilted the background adding two doves and a Grecian motif behind her legs.

New product review:  Arteza 36 Gray scale markers
These 36 markers are both fine point and broad point permanent ink markers in several values of the most common grays- black, blue, sepia, and others. They are blendable and great for shading in small areas.

Lynn Tubbe
Peace in Our Hand
39" x 39"

Inspired by Jake Van Yahres’s design, and used with his permission, this art quilt speaks to the prejudices that have long colored our nation.

I chose to leave some of the fabric strips raw and raveled, reflecting the emotions of this struggle. I added dozens of verbs - action words - that suggest steps we all can take to rise above hate.  It is in our hands.

Watch our Blog next month for our 3rd Reveal of the year!


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